MFR has been catering to the requirements of our customers either directly or through our dealer network. MFR has basically the following market categories:

MFR’s marketing personnel make it a point to respond to all enquires within a stipulated time period either with quotes, delivery schedules and all terms & conditions or with queries regarding specification, special requirement or alternative products in our line up based on the content of the enquiry.

MFR’s marketing department keeps track of enquiry response ratio as it is one of the prime inputs for our Design & Development team, Enquiry to order conversion Ratio & order to delivery time ratio as also our customer satisfaction index to analyse improve our quality of products & service to our customer.


Orders are reviewed and communication of order acceptance / amendment request in case of lack of clarity are forwarded to our customers.

After processing the order the same is dispatched by the mode chosen by the customer along with the test report, certificate of conformance or guarantee certificate as desired by the customer. Delivery performance data are monitored to ensure adherence to schedules.

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