MFR firmly believes in the motto that:

“Good Materials result in Good Quality”

and hence has a exhaustive incoming quality plan to ensure that the raw materials under go the stringent incoming inspection and only those materials passing muster shall be used in the production of our high reliability products.

With the compliance to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC becoming mandatory, MFR has undergone both product and system audit by DNV and has successfully been certified as RoHS compliant. This exercise has once again restructured the incoming quality inspection system to design in the compliance criteria.

A gist of the critical raw material inspection done at MFR is detailed below :

Composition and purity by chemical analysis at external laboratory.

Dimensional checks: visual surface finish inspection under magnification weight evaluation of Alumina, Sodium and Potassium oxide contents at Central Glass Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkatta.

Dimensional checks, visual inspection of workmanship and plating under magnification. Performance evaluation with capping strength test.

Dimensional check, weight, plating inspection visual under magnification, Elongation, Solderability before and after phased ageing and steam bath exposure.

Pilot lot prepared from each lot and tested for visual appearance under magnification.
Long term life, climatic, temperature cycling resistance to solvent to ensure adherence to norms.

Dimension check, Tensile Strength, Weight adhesion after heat exposure.
MFR utilises external laboratory facilities for evaluation of parameter which cannot be tested inhouse.

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