In order to ensure that the product available to the customer is to his satisfaction, prompt and effective action should be taken, both for immediate restoration of service and for preventing recurrence of troubles. For this purpose, there should be a proper system for handling and analysis of internal or outside failures.

'MFR' shall receive all the failure and record them in a standard proforma. For this purpose, product wise register of complaints shall be maintained and registration number on each shall be given.

A preliminary analysis of the complaint shall be carried out and categorise it under any of the following :

Customer complaints shall be analysed and the failure mentioned in the test reports shall be categorised under the following heads :

' MFR' shall, through the facilities available elsewhere, conduct type tests as required by this Quality system and circulate data internally.

The idea of the Quality Analysis is to ensure that 'MFR' has controlled its materials and processes to assure a reliability that is achievable or required by the relevant standard specifications.

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