As a result of the rapid developments in technology, we are in an era of transformation, changing at a speed unprecedented in the history of civilization.

Information exchange via telecommunication is increasing in volume and speed, spreading to every corner of the world, making national borders obsolete.,/p>

The computer is so widely used that it virtually touches every part of our lives, from cooking to space exploration. Even in music and photography, high technology is opening a whole new world never imagined before.

MFR Electronics realises the importance of technical research and development, The company has worked hard to develop sophisticated know how and turn it into commercially viable products. These efforts have helped improve the quality and life of its creations, since its establishment in 1983, MFR Electronics has been a domestic leader in the resistor industry. The companies own exceptional technological capabilities have become well known around the world and its products are being enthusiastically received. With over 12 years experience and a wealth of technological resources, MFR Electronics continues to aggressively expand its business activities.,/p>

We at MFR Electronics are ever grateful for the support you have given us. As a way to reciprocate your support, MFR Electronics will continue to grow into a future oriented, high-tech company that never ceases to create monumental improvements to product quality.

Thanking you,

Managing Director